Why I Use Gender-“Neutral” Pronouns for Everyone

If anyone ends up reading this blog, I’m sure it will not be long until someone creates a stink about my using gender-agnostic pronouns for transgender people. In order to head that controversy off at the pass, I’ve decided to explain at the outset my reasons for writing this way.

The fact is I use genderless pronouns for everyone in written language regardless of nir morphology, gender identity, expression, or assignment at birth. (I’m trying as much as I can to do the same in spoken language but it’s more difficult to keep it up. I also prefer the term gender-agnostic or genderless to gender-neutral because these terms do not assume that male and female are “opposite” sexes, like acids and bases that can be canceled out into a “neutral” solution.)

Here are my reasons for using genderless pronouns for everyone:

  1. It eliminates the problem of speshul snowflake pronouns. I don’t need to tell you my “preferred pronoun” and hope that you parrot it back to me. And you don’t have to maintain a roster of a dozen different pronouns for all of your friends.
  2. It focuses on what I can control rather than playing the victim. I can’t realistically expect that anyone is going to call me anything other than “he.” But it will probably be pretty obvious I don’t like it if I’m constantly using a genderless pronoun for everyone else. Continue reading